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Block Island

It’s been about a week since our vacation out on Block Island, so I thought I would share a little post from our trip! I’ve grown up vacationing in New England since I was little, and I have to say, it is my favorite place in the world to spend my Summers. Growing up, Matthew’s family had a beach house on the Cape, so he spent his Summers there as well, and I think it’s so special we can share this with Ro. Between The Cape, Martha’s Vineyard, Rhode Island, and Maine, it was hard to have a favorite till we came to Block Island last year. Block Island is just south of mainland Rhode Island (about one hour ferry ride) and it is pure magic. It’s turned into such a special place for us, I know we will make it a point to come yearly. It’s the perfect location for a family vacation, or a romantic getaway. The inlets on the Island make the surf not rough, and perfect for little toes to dip in. The water isn’t as frigid as it is on the Cape, and Maine, which is a huge pro. Tropical islands and palm trees are nice, but there is nothing that I love more than pine trees and beach. It is honestly my favorite smell in the world. 


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