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My Best Friends Wedding

Title not to be confused with the movie but nothing beats trying to plan a mini wedding in under two weeks with two of your besties! They told me they wanted to get married and asked if I could help! I said let's do it! Now if you know Leanne you know she is not a planner and she is late for pretty much everything in life so when she said two weeks I knew we had to step on it! I told her I would photograph it (naturally), and would be happy to put together bouquets, and go dress shopping with her, and lend her anything I had used for our wedding this past September. I have to say looking at pictures you would have no idea this was all thrown together in about a week or less! It was an absolute beautiful intimate ceremony with one of the most beautiful views in our neighboring town of Garrison, NY. She was the most breathtaking bride and you couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day in January to have an outdoor ceremony! I am basically obsessed with everything about this day... to put it mildly. 


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