Hello Everyone!

My name is Gabrielle Gerard, but I'm better known as Gabby or Mama. I'm a lucky wife to my husband Matthew, and mama to a little girl, Rowan, and French Bulldog, Joey. I started my photography business Fall of 2016. I have a background in Graphic Design, but have always used photography throughout my personal and professional life. Whether it was taking photos to use in a project, photographing an event, taking headshots, photographing my work, or photographing products for a client, I've done it.
I didn’t realize my passion for lifestyle photography until I had my daughter in March of 2014. I’ve never felt more inspired and determined to document every fleeting moment till I had my little muse! After several years of doing a daily commute into New York City and working long hours in the corporate world, I felt drained, tired, and uninspired. I was in a creative funk and ended up taking some much needed time to concentrate on raising my baby girl, and switched over to doing freelance out of my home. It took a couple of years; a majority of which I felt lost and confused until I realized my real passion was in photography! I played with the idea for a while but it actually took photographing a friend's family on a whim to get that "Ah Ha" moment that I've been waiting for. That this is what I was meant to do all along! Looking back now I realize my love and passion for photography has always been there, really since childhood, practically slapping me right in the face! But I'm a strong believer of trusting life's journey and that things come to you when they are meant to. So here I am! Taking my love for people, couples, families, children, babies, and photography and using it to document your precious moments! I currently reside 50 miles north of New York City in the beautiful Hudson Valley but I am willing to travel! I absolutely love getting the opportunity to shoot in NYC whenever possible! There is nothing I love more than finding the beauty in a complete urban setting and breaking away from the woods once in awhile.

Growing up I've always been so inspired by old film photography. I am trying to get back to the basics. I love the lightness and airy quality you get from film, and I try to replicate that when I shoot and edit in digital. I do hope to experiment more with film in the future. I don't believe in overly edited photos. My editing philosophy is simple, I strive to get the image perfect before I even take the shot, so when it comes time for edits it’s minor tweaks and enhancements here and there. To me, photography isn't about standing still and smiling, it's about capturing those organic moments. While shooting I look for those raw images that you not only see but also feel, which is why I specialize in lifestyle photography. I love using natural light whenever possible and finding those perfect backdrops. I am a sucker for shooting against anything old and romantic and am lucky to live in such a beautiful place that offers plenty of options! Antique brick, tall reeds, old cracked concrete, trails in the woods, and open grass fields are just naming a few of my favorite spots! I also offer custom design and printing services, so don't hesitate to ask!

When I'm not working behind a lens or a computer screen you can find me trying to keep up with my 3 year old and Frenchie, Joey. Most days we're a complete hot mess buried under piles of toys, endless laundry, and dirty dishes, but I wouldn't trade my little circus for anything. I will be sharing a more personal side of things through my blog linked above. A blog has always been something I've wanted to do since having Ro, but the timing had never been right. This is the place I will share a deeper look into some of the sessions I shoot, a candid look at motherhood through my eyes, and everything else in between! Thanks for visiting!

Xoxo, Gabby